Sunday, June 12, 2011

Tom's top ten - f'real

I don't know why I didn't think of this before but here's what I got when I asked,
"What are your ten most favourite things Tom?"

1. bat costume
2. spiderman costume
3. Alice
4. ice cream
5. skiing
6. playing outside
7. swimming
8. riding on horses
9. presents from birthdays
10. going to school

Friday, May 27, 2011

Top Tens

The Top Tens no particular order

1. Calvin and Hobbes.
2. Movies - Fantastic Mr. Fox (was prepared to be up in arms at the sacrilege of messing with the gospel according to Dahl. But no, Wes Anderson = genius).
3. Carter.
4. Swimming.
5. Tamago. Belly-button pasta.
6. Riding his bike.
7. Unpacking the SPUD boxes.
8. Milk. Lots of it. Suddenly.
9. Going to his buddies houses.
10.Reading in bed with Dad.

1. Movies - Castle in the Sky, Fantastic Mr. Fox, the cat sequences in Whisper of the Heart... everything tom watches, basically... all totally inappropriate... sigh...
2. Dancing with shakers.
3. Cheese.
4. Ponytails.
5. Tantrums and the word NO!
6. Drawing lines and squiggles.
7. Saying 'Choc-lat peas'.
8. Ming, then Miso, then all cats in the world.
9. Putting her dollies to bed with a blanket and pats.
10. Umbrellas, necklaces, bags, roly suitcases... preferably all at once as she leaves for daycare.

(Photo: Tom as a fairy Darth Vader and Alice in her necklaces and bags)

Friday, April 15, 2011

So what's new?

No. Time. No time...
Blogging has gone by the by rather in the midst of this working and being a parent thing.
Funnily enough, I still compose blog posts in my head when I'm walking around, but somehow I never get them typed up.

BUT today I'm having this strange stop-start day with lulls between moments of horrendous panic. It is the NSERC Strategics deadline day and people are going bananas. A proposal just got returned because there was an m instead of an M. Yeah, I wouldn't trust those people to run a grant using $500,000 of tax payer's money either. Oh sigh, I guess it was my job to spot that m.

Anyway, as I said, there are these lovely lulls when I'm waiting for someone to send me a file and I'm too tired and edgy to pick up other work and suddenly I thought... oooh, I'll check out people's blogs. And then I remembered being chided last summer by Ant of Ant and Sarah for being a 'facebook stalker' i.e. someone who looks at people's facebook stuff, even pushes 'like' every now and then, but doesn't put up a status. So, yikes, I guess I am a blog stalker too... but not if I blog. Hence me here now. Blogging.

And there is just so much going on with A and T that I should be blogging every five minutes.

Alice is 19 months now. And Tom had his 4 1/2 birthday last weekend.

Alice is taaaalllllkkkkiiiinnnnng! She chatters away to herself, to her toys, to Tom, to us. She is linking a couple of words together like "More dat" and "Help me!" and her vocabulary is expanding like crazy - she seems to get words instantly. Just so thrilling. She's finally learned "yes" ("No" was pretty much her first word) and it is so cute to be able to have little conversations with her "Would you like to go downstairs?" "Yessss!" "Shall we have some toast?" "Yay!!!" She is very enthusiastic and seems to be relishing the whole communication thang. I like that she has invented her own words for certain things. Music is "ic", Ponyo is "Bubble", for some reason the other one or the other side (with reference to the boob) is "mon". This morning was funny. She came running in to the bedroom sobbing and climbed up on the bed. "What happened?" asked concerned Daddy. "Tom!" she squeezed out, between sobs. Her first of no doubt a million more dobbings in of Tom.

Last night was a milestone: she sort of almost slept through the night! She woke once just after midnight but R got her back to sleep and then she slept until 6am! The sleep training feels different somehow this time around - she and I are both ready for it I think. Back when we tried before in October and again after Christmas she just had the screaming heebie jeebies every time R went in to soothe her. And she'd show no sign of going to sleep after a good half hour or more. So I'd go back to getting up in the night and feeding her. We had the routine down: I'd get up, feed her for a few minutes and then say 'Pat? Happy?' - code for 'do you want to go to bed and I pat your back and sing happy birthday (this has become her bedtime song!!) - and she'd nod vigorously. But that was happening... EVERY... TWO... HOURS! Some days I was death personified with tiredness. So we decided to give it a go again and... don't want to jinx it... after four nights she seems to be getting it. We've also put some music in her room... she currently listens to the Largo from Vivaldi's Concerto Viola d'Amore and Lute in D. Very la-de-da!

Tom, ah Tom. He and I are having a challenging week together but he too is changing in amazing ways. He suddenly seems so tall - skinny ankles sticking out the bottom of grown-out-of-pants. His outlook on life can be basically summed up this way: if you don't do what I want I won't play with you ever again. By the end of the day my head is spinning from the complex contract negotiations. But then he'll suddenly snap out of it and be this charming boy who is fascinated and delighted by the natural world "Mum, the sky looks flat and grey today, I think it is going to snow!" and by how things work "this is a picture of a chocolate factory. It starts out runny here and goes round and around until it gets into the middle here where it freezes". "Billy bonkers head" is his favourite expression, applied liberally and unspecifically. He actually brought home a picture of a billy bonkers head from school the other day - I'll scan it sometime - the defining feature was a huge grin that swept up from eyebrow to eyebrow in these wonderful curlicues. At school (daycare) he has taken to cutting out pictures from magazines to bring home - his favourite being a picture of a boy on a sofa watching TV with a HUGE bowl of chips in front of him. Nirvana, obviously. Yeah, the telly watching has escalated this last little while. I used to have a no TV in the week. And by TV I mean watching DVDs or stuff on Apple TV or youtube since we don't have cable. But then, I dunno, I just wanted to be able to get home and get dinner ready without any hub-bub. So I discovered that half an episode of Magic School bus worked perfectly. But it feels like a slippery slope... even though the bus' with the Frizz is da bomb!

So there. I've blogged. Actually, what could be more fun than to think about those little critters?Maybe this is the start of a new phase of blogging!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Moup is going to be Alice's 'pite'. I wonder if I'll understand what on earth I'm going on about in twenty years time.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Skiing with Tom

Tom has been going to ski class every Saturday since New Year up at Mount Seymour. Gotta love this about Vancouver: just forty minutes drive and Hey Presto! We're skiing!! Tom's classes finished two weeks ago and instead of signing him up for more we decided to spend the money on a 5-pass for me to take him up. We've been twice now and this last time was just spectacular! Glorious day, fresh snow, and a super-speedy skiing Tom!

It was tempting to rise to the challenge posed by Tom in the vid above. I so regretted not being a crazy hot dogger in my past (sheesh, am probably showing my age - is the term hot dogging even used anymore?!) and able to stun Tom with my radical tricks. I found myself thinking, "I mean, how hard could it be?" when sense prevailed... and images of broken bones and smirking teenagers. Tom also seemed to have second thoughts and carefully inspected each feature, watched the kids doing their stuff, and decided he would wait until he was six to try.

Tom figured out the fastest way back to the car was on one leg!

(Well, make that on one leg plus porter (moi) bringing up the rear carrying the rest of his gear.)

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Friday, December 17, 2010